Our Mission

" Provide industry leading data solutions to manage mobile assets, providing flexibility, reliability and accountability through technical innovation "

Ground Transportation Industries

Below represents a list of the ground transportation market segments where SilentDispatch is currently installed, with a description of some specific features and benefits for that segment.

  • Limousine/Black Car
Scaling into a larger operation

With virtually every feature for Limousine and Black Car markets, SilentDispatch through flexibility and automation is built to scale from a 5 to 500 vehicles without incrementally adding office staff. There is no better evidence of this then looking at a customer sample where the smallest is deploys 1 vehicle, and the largest deploys 200. For smaller operations SilentDispatch gives customers the impression of a larger operation , from the Web client being able to product instant quotes for any desired trip, to customers receiving text or email notifications informing them their driver is on location, or is 20 minutes from pickup.

  • Designated/Personal Driver
Building a membership database

Some of the largest designated driver companies in the country already use SilentDispatch as several features have been tailored specifically for the Designated Driver market. For example, SilentDispatch includes membership functions that allow you to setup your customers as members who pay a recurring monthly, quarterly, annual, or one time subscription fee. Additionally, SilentDispatch includes features aimed at managing and tracking chase vehicles. Finally, through the SilentDispatch API industry specific applications such as a "valet ordering app." can be developed.

  • Non Emergency Medical Transportation
Integrating Transportation with Patient Bookings

SilentDispatch fits perfectly into this market as screens can be configured to contain industry specific terminology, and reports can be configured to match strict requirements from insurance companies. Existing patient management systems can be integrated via the SilentDispatch API so medical appointments and associated transportation can be arranged and managed from one location. The efficiency and automation provided through the software allows minimal human resources to be applied to transportation.

  • Shuttle
Route planning for multiple pickups or drop-offs

SilentDispatch has a wealth of features for the shuttle market, whether airport transportation or corporate shuttle. Customers receive instant quotes via the Web client, and then proceed to book and track their transportation. Dispatchers can plan routes for vehicles for multiple pickups and drop-offs, and drivers can easily manage multiple trips in the driver application and stay in constant communication with Dispatch to handle last minute changes. Drivers are tracked via GPS which can be used to find the closest vehicle for a pickup in real time.

  • Taxi

The Taxi market unlike traditional limousines require rapid responses and adjustments last minute reservations and changes, as well as the handling of vehicle resource management in peak times. Handling the ASAP call

For an ASAP point to point trip the customer visits the SilentDispatch Web Client and receives an instant quote which is based on a $5 drop fee and a $2.50 per mile. The customer proceeds to book the trip on line at which point SilentDispatch takes the reservation and looks for the closest vehicle to the pickup location and assigns the trip to that vehicle. The customer receives a text message a text message indicating how long it will take the vehicle to arrive on location. The text message includes a link which the customer can click on to see the real time location of the vehicle. After the pick-up the driver does not know where the drop-off location is so he clicks on the "Directions" button which shows the route to the location accompanied with "hands free" audio turn by turn directions. At the drop-off the driver is able to give the customer a price from the Driver application based on the drop fee and mileage traveled.