Our Mission

" Provide industry leading data solutions to manage mobile assets, providing flexibility, reliability and accountability through technical innovation "


SilentDispatch is the technology leader in the ground transport support space. Our software enables companies to reach new heights in customer satisfaction, efficiency and profitability as they transport their customers and their products to their destinations.

The cloud based, game changing Command Platform facilitates communication, reservations and dispatch through the coordination of computers, tablets and cell phones. The Platform was built to enable the utilization of existing and custom built apps to make transport and data coordination simple, precise and silent. No more distracting inner-company chatter in your vehicles.

Formerly a Director of the Microsoft Corporation, SilentDispatch CEO Stuart Theodore was with that company for ten years and oversaw over 100 programmers charged with building Microsoft's mobile technology platform and applications. Seeing opportunity in the ground transportation space, Mr. Theodore started SilentDispatch in 2005 and built its peerless, cloud based platform and its first applications. The ground transport industry is taking note.

Our Mission- Brining the power of technology and the cloud to provide your customers the quickest, safest, most enjoyable transportation experience possible.